Autumn Mornings

By Nathan Bach

Embracing me with its damp arms, a misty autumn morning heralds the start of the day.
As sunlight strains to cut through the gloom, the sun looks like a hazy reflection in a pool, a gossamer white circle seen through a sea of mist.
The weak sunlight glistens on dew covered cobwebs, making them look like diamond necklaces.
Light bounces off the wet grass which looks like white frost.
On my journey to school, car headlights appear, like a magic trick, through the dense, impenetrable mist,
Floating like eyrie, body-less beings, they make their way towards me.
Suddenly, through the mist I see the vague outline of a car, just before it passes.

During the journey I dream of bright, sunny mornings, going for a walk along the canal.
The low sun glinting on the ripples on the water surface sends bright reflections onto the walls of the tunnel as I walk through,
Damp autumn leaves glisten in the sunlight, highlighting the glorious shades of golds and bronze,
Sunlight enhancing the jewelled shades of autumn as dappled light filters through the golden canopy
Blackberries, as dark as the night sky, gleaming in the sunlight, like a spotlight, the sunlight picking out the rose hips that shine like bright red lipstick,
Bright red rowan berries, waving like bright flags, proclaiming nature’s message that autumn is here,
I remember how happy I felt when the warm, gentle sunbeams made me smile.
It makes me look forward to when the mist breaks and I can enjoy the soft autumn sunlight once more.