Egyptian Confusion

By Alyssa Baines

Alicia walked around the Valley of Kings, enthralled in the scenery around her. She had started the guided tour only 15 minutes before with her parents and was listening intently to the tour guide, learning all about the lost tomb that scientists were trying to locate. She gazed at the pyramids and wondered if there was any way she could find the lost tomb herself. When she turned around she realised the tour party had already left without her. She had been so distracted by her own imagination she never heard them calling. 
In panic Alicia sank to the ground, her tears mingling with the sand. She suddenly realised that on the ground before her she could see hieroglyphs hidden under the thin sand. As she brushed the sand away she discovered a stone tablet. As she lifted it from the ground a set of stairs became visible leading down into the darkness. 
She looked around to see if there was anyone about, this was her chance to make her own Egyptian discovery and eagerly (but carefully) she descended the stairs into the darkness. When she finally reached the bottom she saw a large room with many twisty tunnels leading from it in all direction. Using the compass her father had given her as a gift especially for their trip to Egypt, she decided to take the tunnel to the North. After travelling through the dim, cold tunnel she found herself in another large room, in the centre of which stood a tall chest. As she got closer she realised it was a sarcophagus, it was covered with hieroglyphs painted onto the stone. 

Suddenly she heard eerie voices gradually getting louder. They were slowly coming towards her! 

As soon as she heard the voices she began her search for escape. After scrambling around in the darkness she found a heavy stone door hidden in the corner of the room….but it was locked!
She fumbled around and found some canopic jars and boxes close by, and began to search through them. Finally, among many artifacts and treasures, in one of the canopic jars she found an old rusty key. She raced back to the door and tried the key in the lock – it fitted! 
She dragged open the door to find another steep set of stairs and ran up towards the light. Once at the top she found her tour party. ‘What are you doing here?’ shouted the angry tour guide. She realised she had come through a door into one of the museum exhibits, though how she got there from the Valley of the Kings, she did not know. She took a deep breath and lied ‘I was lost’. She didn’t want to tell them the truth about what she had seen as she was scared she would be in trouble for trespassing. 
Her parents were relieved to have found her and questioned her about where she had been, but she gave them no answers just that she had been searching for them. She quietly followed the tour party back to her hotel and safety. After the day’s events she was tired and confused but decided maybe archaeology would be her calling after all!