The Kitchen Mission

Today was a special day for us ingredients.  Because today was Jamie’s birthday, and his mum, Helen, was going to bake the traditional chocolate fudge birthday cake.

Helen went out this morning to the supermarket as usual.  We love it when she goes shopping.  We always watch closely as she unpacks the food, to see who will be joining our happy team.  “Look, more peppers!” squealed Penelope Pepper.

“And more milk!  That’s good, we needed some more,” exclaimed Billy Butter.

“Mmmm, chocolate,” we all gasped appreciatively.

But what was this?  Helen placed on the table a cardboard box, which contained a Victoria sponge cake.  How boring!  Surely this wasn’t going to be Jamie’s birthday cake?!  Helen didn’t look happy at all.  It was clear that Helen hadn’t had time to bake Jamie a cake, because of her busy new job.  “Never mind,” she muttered.  “I’ll go out and get him that Hot Wheels Track.  That will make up for it.”

After we heard the front door close, there was much discussion.  We were all disappointed that Jamie wouldn’t have a home-made cake this year.  Finally a daring plan was hatched.  We would make the cake ourselves!

First we assigned jobs. Polly Potato was in charge of turning on equipment.   The peas formed a look-out team.  They would give a warning if Jamie or Helen were coming.

Then the plucky cake ingredients jumped into a saucepan, and Polly turned on the ring.  “Ooh, it’s like the Caribbean,” sighed Chocolate Charlie happily, as he oozed around the pan.

“Soooo relaxing!” agreed Billy Butter as he mingled with his friends.

“I hope the others get here soon,” grumbled Sally Sugar.  “I can’t be stuck with boys all my life.   Come on girls!”

“Coming!” called Emily Egg and Creamy Clare in unison, and they skipped in excitedly.

“Don’t forget us!” cried Flora Flour and Clarissa Cocoa.

Soon they were all combined into a glorious gloopy chocolatey mixture.  The big strong vegetables managed to tip them into the cake tin, which they then heaved into the oven.

We waited with bated breath.  The only sound in the kitchen was the ticking of the timer and the joyful singing of the cake ingredients in the oven.

“DING,” rang the timer, and before we knew it, a splendid aroma filled the kitchen, and a magnificent chocolate fudge cake stood before us.  We all gasped in admiration.

“Surprise!” chorused some voices, and we turned around to find a bowl of glossy chocolate icing. Quickly we smoothed it all over the cake.  Then the brightly covered smarties jumped on, closely followed by the candles.

Just then the peas shouted a warning.  Jamie and Helen were coming!  We scurried back to our places.  Helen was saying apologetically, “It’s not a great cake…”

”Wow, thanks Mum, this is the best cake ever!” interrupted Jamie, gazing dreamily at the wonderful creation.

“But, but….” stammered Helen.  Jamie hugged her tightly, and all of us secretly high-fived each other.  Mission accomplished!