Season’s End

By Holly Thomas

Simple shades of pale green,
Flowering buds and shimmering gleams,
Little creatures wake from beds,
As Easter bunny leaves his eggs.

Troubles and worries we all forget,

Clear blue skies and deep sunsets,
Seagulls sqwauk and shout and moan,
While children devour ice-cream cones.

Falling leaves of gold and brown,

Towns and cities settle down,
Pumpkin pies and spiders webs,
Ghosts and ghouls fill lives with dread.

Icy nights with warming fires,

Snowflakes fall while we admire,
Santa Claus fills children’s stockings,
New years eve sends people rocking.

Seasons passed and people changed,

Life began to re-arange,
Minutes seemed to just fly by,
Now we kiss our year goodbye.