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Fern the Green Fairy
 Fern the Green Fairy is such an amazing book. I’d recommend it to people ages 5-10. I liked it because Fern gets to meet her fairy sisters. The book makes me feel happy and I think everyone would like it because it is full of adventure! 
Mister Pip
 Mister Pip is a wonderful story that will keep you up all night. The author, Lloyd Jones, has managed to brilliantly create building suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to ages 13 and above as the subjects raised are sometimes difficult to understand. 
The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
 This book will have you up all day and night, even if you’re surrounded by people, you will still be scared out of your wits! This is what a truly scary book is- if you love horror movies then this book is for you! This is one of my favourites. 
Wild Magic
 You should read this magical book because it is full of inspiration. Sometimes it feels like you are going to explode with happiness and at other times you will feel tense or like you can’t breathe. Cat Weatherill is a really good author because she describes a fantastical elfin world. 
The Story Giant
 It is a story about books that can be scary, funny, happy, or even sad. The Story Giant takes some humans to find the last story needed to keep him alive. 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck
 This story is about a time when Greg’s friend ‘Rowley’ ditches him over a girl and his struggle to find new friends. He decides to use a magic 8 ball to make all his decisions but when it breaks, how will he cope? And how will he make those ‘big’ decisions? 
Ruby Redford Series
 If you love adventure and mystery you’ll love Lauren Child’s ‘Ruby Redfort’ series. Ruby is a classy teenager whose world is shaken when she is approached by a secret agency. Ruby’s carefree style, fearlessness and sarcasm are what make the books so funny and appealing. A definite must read.