Don’t know where to begin with your story? Grab a jar and let’s get started!

The writing jar is a simple idea. Although commonly used by writers struggling to find ideas for their next piece of writing, we think even our most imaginative young writers could benefit from this fun and easy method.

Step 1 – The jar
Find a jar that is big enough to insert around 20 pieces of paper. It can be as big as you want, just make sure you can easily pick out your pieces of paper!

Step 2– Get your ideas out there (or in there!)
Write down a word or a short sentence on a small piece of paper. Your ideas can include a character trait (a man with a crooked smile), an object (a crown), or even a colour. Fold your paper up small and add it to your jar.
TOP TIP: Add your ideas in over a few weeks or if you want a challenge, over a year. 

Step 3– Gather your thoughts
Once you have collected enough pieces of paper, pick out 3-4 pieces and open them up. You should now have some very different words and phrases that you can use to build a story or poem. It doesn’t matter if you feel they don’t fit together, just start with one and bring the rest in however you can. 

There once was a man with a crooked smile,
who lived on the outskirts of town.
He travelled the winding path for a mile,
In search of the prince and his crown.