Monstrous Maud: Big Fright is the story of a girl who feels she just doesn’t quite fit in. At school she is bewildered by her classmates and their obsession with all things “girly and proper”, and at home she finds herself sharing a room with a sister who couldn’t be more different from Maud if she tried.

 After an unfortunate show and tell incident involving a rat, a classroom full of squealing girls and a barely conscious teacher, Maud and everyone around her are finally forced to accept that Primrose Towers just isn’t the place for her. And so begins Maud’s transfer to the mysterious school in the deep, dark woods.

As soon as Maud arrives at Rotwood Middle School she can see that it’s no ordinary school and that her classmates are anything but ordinary, in fact it might be fair to say they are pretty Monstrous!

Once again Maud finds herself wondering if she will ever fit in here and she’s not the only one asking this question. One of Maud’s teachers, Mr von Bat, believes Maud is hiding a secret that could get her kicked out of the school and he gives her just one week to prove to him that she deserves her place at Rotwood.

Desperate to stay at the school with her new friends, Maud sets about trying to find a way to prove to Mr. von Bat that she really is “Rotwood material”.

With a little imagination and a lot of determination (and a litre or two of tomato juice!) Maud might just finally discover where she truly belongs.


 The Monstrous Maud series is available now, priced £4.99 each, paperback (Buster Books).


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