Yap’s Dream

By Madeleine Langdon-Morris

Once, in a big red barn out in the middle of the country side, there lived a playful little dog named Yap. Yap was very happy and enjoyed his life, he woke up in the morning with an excited bark and a wag of his tail. Then he ran out into the fresh morning air and pranced around on the new dewy grass. At night, Yap loved gazing up at the glowing stars that filled the night time sky. He loved staring up at the stars in wonder for hours on end, he fancied that they looked like sparkling diamonds lying in a pool of deep indigo.

Yap wished with all his heart that one day he could go up there, and zoom past the glittering stars and discover wondrous new planets, of all shapes, sizes and colours. This was Yap’s only dream that he so yearned for, it was the only thing that could make Yap truly happy.

And finally, one day Yap’s chance came. It all started as his mistress was taking him for a walk through the little town. Then as they were walking along past the butchers, out of the corner of his eye, Yap spied a sign. It was a creamy white and on it in big bold black lettering it advertised, ‘Volunteer your pets today! We are sending animals into space to test out our space craft. So if you want to be the proud owner of one of the first animals in space, volunteer your pets today!*Details below*’

Yap was overjoyed. He tugged and pulled on his lead towards the sign. “What is it Yappy?”, his mistress asked as Yap tugged and pulled her over to the sign. Yap didn’t know how to tell her so he just kept pulling and pulling until finally his mistress gave in and allowed Yap to lead her over to the sign. When they reached the sign, Yap clawed at it and yapped. “Oh so you want to go to space do you Yappy?” Yap barked in satisfaction, “Well I’ll see what I can do”. So the next day Yap found himself sitting on the cold white inspection desk of the vet, who the space agency had hired to inspect and check all the pets so they could see which animals were the fittest and best suited for the mission. Yap sat up tall on the desk, his fur shining in the light, for his mistress had given him a good scrub last night, and his fur a good brush this morning.

Yap did his best through all the tests, on the running test, he ran his fastest and tried his level best. On the instructions test, Yap rolled over, sat up and played dead obediently. After the test the minutes seemed excruciatingly long and painful. How Yap wished they would go quicker, for he was waiting anxiously for the results. So were the other pets and owners that too were waiting. Finally after what seemed like forever, a man came through the door with an envelope in his hand. “So”, the man announced in a deep commanding voice, “I’m sure you’ve all been waiting patiently for the results so here they are. The pets that our agency has proudly selected for our space mission team, are; Yo Yo the monkey, Caramel the hamster, Lizzie the iguana and finally, our last companion, Yap the dog!” This was followed by a delighted round of applause.

Yap couldn’t believe it! Finally his long wished for dreams had come true! He, Yap, was going to be the first dog in space! Oh Yap was already imagining the amazing adventures he would have, and all the things he would discover with his fellow pets in outer space! Yap jumped up yapping happily and wagging his tail.

And so, three weeks later, there he was, gazing through the vast spaceship window at the Wonderful constellations and the blinding light of the stars. How dazzlingly they shone. Yap loved this indigo world of wonderful surprises, colour-full constellations and beautiful patterns. It seemed as if a new and exciting thing was to be discovered around every corner!

So let us him leave him here, sitting there bewitched by the wonders of the universe and let us be happy for him, for Yap’s long wished for dreams have come true.