He stood in the corner, his name was Carl,
his face was embedded in a nasty snarl.

He glanced from the left of the playground to the right,
looking for a small child who would fall victim to a fight.

“Hey you!” he shouted pulling a girl to one side,
for she was the first person within reach that he had spied.

“Give me your savings! Go on I dare you”.
He was the last person you would say “NO!” to.

With a sigh she said “I have nothing sir”;
these words a bully like him would not hear.

Raising his hand he slapped her across her face,
committing actions like this eventually brought him to disgrace.

Suddenly the boy heard footsteps coming up to him from behind,
and he was grabbed by the collar and yanked to one side.

The principal towered over the boy, his face like thunder.
What made him so angry no person would wonder.

No child ever saw this boy in school again,
from bullying other children expulsion is what he gained.

Within seconds of this incident, he was banned from the school,
‘cos NO BULLYING was a golden rule.