Let it Shine

by Jonah Agboghidi

Beam me a light any kind of light,
just shine its beam into my shadowy night,
for like a newborn I stay up in fright,
so beam me a light any light tonight.

Candlelight, moonlight any light is just right,
for in that light I might find my might!
Don’t sing me a song, don’t hold me tight,
just light me a light, any light tonight.

Glow me a light to assist my sight,
just my naked eye, darkness cannot fight,
so before darkness gets a chance to bite,
glow me a light, any kind of light.

Flickering, glaring or outright bright,
I don’t care what kind, just brighten up my eyesight.
All I need is darkness away tonight,
so shine me a light, any kind of light.